Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number for MAST certification?

What if I don’t have a Social Security Number?

What if I have a problem logging back into my account?

What if I did not receive an email confirmation of payment?

What is the online class registration process?

I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

Do I need a PayPal account to enroll?

Can I sign back in to finish the online course I started?

What should I do if I do not receive my permit?


How much does it cost to get a MAST permit?

When will I get my MAST permit?

Will I get a Class 12 or a Class 13 permit?

Can I get a permit if I am not 18 yet?

How do I renew my MAST permit?

Do I need to keep my MAST permit with me when I work?

How can I check to see if my MAST permit is still valid?

How do I replace a lost or stolen permit or what if I have changed my name?

Can I upgrade my permit when I turn 21?

Can a customer under the age of 21 pick up a tab that includes an alcoholic beverage? For example, a 19-year-old pays with his credit card because his dad forgot his wallet and the bill included a couple beers.

Can establishments offer free samples?

Can an establishment offer a free drink?

What are the acceptable forms of Identification?

How long is my permit good for?

How does Daylight Savings Time affect hours?

Can I lock my door while patrons are still inside?

What are the options at 11 pm for a licensee who wants to bring Entertainment into their restaurant area?

How do I minimize the likelihood my employees will fail a compliance check (a sting operation)?

How can I help my employees follow state liquor laws?

Is my employer responsible for making sure I have a valid permit?

If an employee’s MAST permit is suspended for a period of time, may the employee continue to work?

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