About Us

Cheryl's Last Call provides online Alcohol Server Training and Local Alcohol Server Training classes for the MAST Class 12 permits and Class 13 permits in the state of Washington.

Cheryl's Last Call is owned and operated by Ken & Cheryl Brown

They have a combined 39+ years experience in the hospitality / training industry and a combined 24+ years experience as MAST trainers for the state of Washington. With their team of trainers their organization has a combined experience that exceeds 350 years in the hospitality / training industry.

The dedication, professionalism, and concern for public safety have placed Cheryl's Last Call, and their team of trainers, at the top of the list as one of THE most sought after alcohol related training organizations in Washington State.

GO THE EXTRA MILE – how do we do that?

House Policies – developed to provide guidance for Washington State Alcohol Servers with MAST permits, establishments can get a head start toward meeting one of the criteria for Reducing Fines and Penalties for their business and staff.

Annual Training Class – designed to help establishments keep their employees with MAST permits at the top of their game, establishments can get the professional assistance of Cheryl’s Last Call through an Annual Training Program. This is also a huge determining factor in Reducing Fines and Penalties.

Responsible Liquor Sales Class – when establishments receive a citation they can rely on Cheryl’s Last Call to step in and help them demonstrate their desire to take appropriate corrective action to help resolve the situation and minimize future problems.  

View WAC 314-29-015  to see what Mitigating and Aggravating Circumstances could affect an establishment’s fines and penalties after receiving a citation.


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